Best Humane Fort Collins Bat Removal Methods

Do you think you have a Fort Collins bat problem? Bats are insectivores that are useful for our environment as they hunt insects like mosquitoes. They become a problem for you when they start living in your house. Bats in your house can be noisy and disturbing, but the biggest problem is guano. The droppings of bats are harmful to your health that must be cleaned immediately. The area must be disinfected to make sure there is no risk of any disease and illness. This article highlights the humane bat removal methods. Read on to know how you can get rid of bats from your property.

Reasons You Need to Remove Bats Quickly?
Bats can live in your attics for a long period of time without being detected. This is because of their nocturnal behaviors. Are wondering why you should eliminate the Colorado bats from your house? We have listed some reasons why it is necessary to immediately get rid of bats.

• Bats are a serious threat to the health of your family and pets
• The bat droppings can lead to Histoplasmosis
• They can lead to human rabies
• Bats carry a lethal bacteria that can be dangerous for you
• They are carriers of diseases such as Histoplasma, flees, ticks, bed bugs, and capsulatum

Safest Way to Remove Bats From Your Home
The removal of Fort Collins bats from your property is crucial, but this doesn’t mean that you should terminate them. Bats are imperative for the environment as they eat insects. The best way to eliminate them is by humane bat removal methods.

Trapping the Bats
The first humane method of removal that comes to the mind is by setting a trap. Once the animal is trapped inside the cage, it is released or relocated to a safe surrounding. However, this method is not effective for bats. This is because they use echolocation to find their way and it will not detect the mesh wire. As result, the bats will fly into the cage that will cause harm to them and might even lead to their death. So, trapping bats is not a humane method to remove them.

One-Way Exclusion Method
An efficient way to eradicate bats is by sealing all the holes and gaps, except one. For the exclusion of bats, you should have correct tools and gears like goggles and breathing masks. The reason for having the equipment is to keep you safe from particles of guano. Getting rid of the bats yourself is not possible as you don’t have the right equipment and the expertise of a professional. To remove the bats safely, you will need to check for the gaps that are used by bats for entering and exiting. The exclusion net can be placed over a hole that is not sealed. Once the bats fly out of the attic, they will not be able to find a way back inside again thanks to the one-way exclusion net. Therefore, humane bat removal method is the best way to eliminate the Fort Collins bats from your house. If you need professional help, you can contact us by visiting our website.

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