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Humane Fort Collins Bird Removal

Everyone loves to see Fort Collins birds flying in the air. You can also find their nests in the trees near your home. Pigeons, sparrows, and starlings are often seen near human habitats and most of the people love to spend hours to watch their activities. However, they become annoying when they start making their nests in our home. We cannot tolerate them so long because they keep on creating lots of mess in the area with their nesting materials and droppings. If you are also facing this problem, you might be curious to know some effective methods to get rid of these creatures. It is really important to take preventive measures as soon as possible otherwise they can destroy the outer look of your house with droppings. Wildlife experts advise using some humane bird removal methods that do not cause harm to humans and birds as well. Even if you want to get rid of these noisy birds, it is not good to kill them cruelly. Here are few trusted methods to get rid of birds from your property:

Secure your trash:
The easiest solution to keep Colorado birds far away from your property is to stop feeding them, directly as well as indirectly. Probably, you have stopped to feed them but they may get attracted to your open trash boxes. Make sure that your garbage container is properly sealed and it does not attract birds towards your home.

Get a Decoy Birds:
In order to avoid the mess that is usually created by tiny birds, the best idea is to get a decoy bird like owl or falcon for your house. These birds use to scare the smaller breeds of birds and can keep them away from your house in a natural manner. It is the most humane way of getting rid of birds in your living space.

Here is one more trusted solution for Fort Collins bird removal. You can add netting to the exterior portion of the house and the birds will be naturally stopped out of the area. However, it is a costly solution and you have to hire professionals to complete the installation process. But it can ensure permanent safety to your home and business.

One of the most effective tricks to keep Colorado birds away from your property is to use screening. The galvanized steel screening will help you to avoid birds from creating their nests at your attic and wall vents. Usually, the unprotected vents are the most loved housing of starlings and sparrows so a potential screening of vents can help you to avoid their nests.

Another efficient choice for removing birds from your property is to use sealants at home. It must be applied to cracks and crevices in the home so that smaller Fort Collins birds cannot find access to the attic or other tiny vents of your house. Generally, the small birds love to create their nest in soffit but the silicone-based sealants can block their access to such areas.

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