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Humane Fort Collins Mouse Removal Methods

What’s worse than the fear of having a couple of mice hiding in your cupboard? Having a couple of dead mice behind that very cupboard – the disgust is far too surreal to be compared. It isn’t the fault of the Fort Collins rodents for not knowing the difference between the human right and wrong, plus dealing with dead mice can be a fainting and fatal experience for the weak hearted. This is where the importance of adopting humane means of removing them from your house needs to be recognized. Allow them to populate with whatever pace that may seem fit, just away from your home.

1. Hole Blockage
Holes in drainage pipelines, in-wall bricks, and even in the underground piping of the house can all lead up to mice swarming inside your place and populating it in no time. To avoid killing them off, simply locate these holes and block them. To block these holes effectively you need to have a proper material, such as a steel wire which can be bent or a wire mesh. Try to seal holes which lead to a spot inside your house such as those in floorboards or the sink line, so that all areas of entry into your house are blocked off. Then gradually start closing the holes on the outside as well.

2. Utilize The Sense of Smell
Rodents usually have a sense of smell which is quite sensitive to some smells, and that does not include the smell of sewer and other disgusting ones because that is where they mainly breed. Peppermint oil or Tabasco Sauce are both excellent home remedies which can make your basement or suspected area smell a little stronger than you would want it to, but it would keep the mice away. Pouring a little of these substances on small cotton balls and placing them strategically in infected areas where the smell is quite apparent can lead to a swift exit of these small, uninvited guests.

3. Restricting Food
When Colorado mice cannot find food in their temporary residence, they shall be forced to exit from there, and might even end up dying in the process. Subtly, every house owner knows that there are some areas which are infested with food crumbs and remains from each night’s dinner which the mice can feed on. Tidy up your place and get rid of this habit of piling up food for your unwanted friends, and they will certainly try to find a way out. In addition, if the mouse infestation is annoying, you can reorder your house to have rooms which are spacious and not cramped, which will leave the mice with no space to pile up their food.

4. Non-Lethal Traps
There exist traps for Fort Collins mice in the market which are classified as non-lethal, and these can be used to catch individual mice. The trap can, for example, be a spring bottle system through which you can release mice once they are caught. These traps take effort in deploying and are extremely tedious in the case of a serious infestation, but they are indeed effective in leading some of the little ones out of your house quite respectfully.

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