How To Remove Fort Collins Raccoons Humanely?

Do you have a Colorado raccoon problem in your house? It is a common problem that a lot of people face as cities are becoming a home for raccoons. Raccoons are wild species that are strong, nimble, and intelligent. They need a shelter for a living, this is why they find their way into the human houses. The perfect habitat for them is the attic. They can easily climb onto the roof and make their way in from eave gaps or loose vents. Another place they commonly live is in the chimney if it is not capped. Most of the people cringe at the thought of animals in your attic or chimney. The creaking noises can prove to be annoying and distressing. On the bright side, there is a solution to every problem. Most of the people think that the best way to get rid of raccoons is to kill them, however, it is not a humane method. In this article, we have listed the humane methods to remove raccoon. Let’s have a look at the humane raccoon removal methods.

Eliminate all the Attractions
The first step to getting rid of Fort Collins raccoons is to remove all the things that are attracting raccoons. Here are the things that might be attracting the raccoons.
• Garbage
• Pet food
• Swimming pool or a pond
What you have to do is to eradicate things that will get raccoons attention. You can strap the lids of the garbage, stop placing the pet food outside, secure your soffits, and cap your chimney.

Removing the Babies
Most of the times, there more than one Colorado raccoons in your house. Usually, there is a nest of baby raccoons along with their mother. It is imperative to remove the babies as well. Otherwise, the babies will cry and starve to death. It will start to stink that will attract maggots and flies. So, you have to make sure there are no babies left inside your house. One of the best ways to eliminating the raccoons from your house is by using the babies as live bait. It will help you trap the mother raccoon easily. Once the elimination is complete, you should cover all the holes to prevent intrusion in future.

Trapping the Raccoons
For trapping the raccoons, it is recommended not set up a trap in the attic as it will not work. The entry points of a raccoon can be a pet door, open door, uncovered chimney, loose vent, or insecure soffits. It will be better if you don’t fight it or corner it. You can open the doors to let it go. Therefore, removing of raccoons from your house is essential as they might cause more damage than you realize. There are numerous ways through which you can remove the Fort Collins raccoons. Yet, not all of them are humane. It is recommended to get rid of raccoons by using a professional help. We have complete knowledge of humane methods to remove raccoons. We will make sure the mother raccoon is not separated and is placed in a safe environment with her babies. For more information, contact us.

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